Emily Chan, Founder

Emily initially created the Instagram @emchaneats in 2015 while studying abroad in Copenhagen.  She was extremely passionate about traveling and sharing her eats with friends!  After graduating from Hamilton College with a degree in neuroscience and moving to Boston,  she renamed the page @bostonfoodgram to give the Instagram a regional focus.  Since this re-branding, the Instagram has expanded tremendously, growing over 50,000 followers.  Emily is currently a third-year dental student at Boston University School of Dental Medicine.  In 2021, Emily launched the TikTok @bostonfoodgram, which has grown to over 9,000 followers.

Boston Foodgram is a marketing platform that highlights Boston's best restaurants, food, and drinks through high quality, colorful, and whimsical photographs.  Specialties include, but not limited to food and drink photography.  Collaborations with restaurants, food brands, beverage companies, and hotels are all welcome!

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