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The Art of Mixology: Bartending Class

Has anyone else ever wanted to be able to make spontaneous delicious cocktails for friends? Or maybe want to get a side-hustle bartending gig? Last weekend, I attended a bartending class through Harvard Student Agencies and learned how to mix many different cocktails and how to bartend!


How to be a Bartender. We began the class learning about the standard drink setup at a bar, different types of hard alcohol, tools bartenders use, and glassware. Although this could be initially overwhelming, our instructor Ben ensured us that all you need to become a good bartender is a good personality and a willingness to learn. Anyone can make most of the drinks that people order at a bar (e.g. beer, wine, rum coke, vodka cranberry, etc.)! However, becoming a next level bartender (making complex drinks with flair) comes with experience and building upon basics we learned in this class!

How to Customize Drinks. The components of almost any cocktail are the the "base," "body," and "fragrance." We were taught that mixology is, at a basic level, combining flavors that are cohesive, and switching up cocktails by swapping out some of these drink components. Of course there is so much more to mixology than this, but the simplicity was great for me as a novice!

How to Land Bartending Jobs. Ben gave us the low-down on how to get bartending jobs, the pros and cons of each type of job (e.g. hotel bar vs. catering), and the benefits of bartending as a career or side job.


Mix Drinks. THIS IS WHAT I CAME FOR. As a future dentist, I love hands-on experiences. During the second-half of the class, we rotated between stations to practice making different drinks. We made a whole variety of cocktails, from Long Island iced teas to lemon drop shots!


If you are in the Boston area and have wanted to bartend or just wanted to learn how to make cocktails, I would definitely recommend this class! The instructor and other students were so friendly and approachable. This class is the perfect level for people who have casually bartended or have had no bartending experience!

There are three more courses being hosted on Saturdays this summer!

July 28

August 11

August 18

ALSO Harvard Bar Course alumni can get the class for only $40!

Click here to learn more or sign up for a class!

xo Emily C. (aka @bostonfoodgram)


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