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How to Make the Perfect Super Bowl Spread

Have you ever wanted to know how to make an eye-catching and delicious food spread for the Super Bowl or any other event? This article will teach you how to create the perfect food board.

Food Selection

First, think of a theme for your food board. Are you having a wine and cheese night? Do you want game-day food? From the theme, you can select appropriate food with a variety of colors and textures. Since I am making a board for the Super Bowl, I wanted my board to be centered around hot dogs and burgers. I like to use St. Pierre Bakery for their high quality brioche rolls and buns.

Below is a list of different categories of food that should be on a Super Bowl board!

Designing a Food Board

  1. Evenly distribute small dishes of dipping sauces around the board

  2. Set your "Main Foods" on the board

    1. Place them in a diagonal or on a curve to make the design appear more creative. I almost never place any food in a straight line!

    2. Fan food around sauce dishes

    3. Try to place different color food next to each other

      1. This will make or break the visual effect of your board! Lots of food is brown/yellow. Bright colored food will make your board pop!

  3. Fill in gaps with snacks


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